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Maximise Your Gains with HydroXtreme9

If you’re looking for real penis pump power, the HydroXtreme9 is a perfect choice. Using an effective combination of our water-based hydropump design and an easy-to-use handball, the HydroXtreme9 makes it easy to maximise your gains.

When used regularly, our hydropumps improve sexual power, while building up erection hardness and stamina. You should expect to see real, lasting results after about a month of regular use, giving you a real confidence boost.

The HydroXtreme9 is designed for larger users, with erection sizes measuring between 7 and 9 inches. We’d recommend this unit whether you’re just naturally large and starting off a penis pump routine or have graduated from one of our smaller hydropumps. If you’re looking for a more gentle starting point, however, check out our Hydromax9, one of our best-selling penis pump options.

HydroXtreme - The Ultimate Hydropump

For those who want the best possible results from their penis pumping routine, we’ve developed the HydroXtreme series. With an easy-to-use handball unit, HydroXtreme pumps let you unlock your full potential for growth in penis length, girth and overall erection quality.

With our HydroXtreme pumps being our absolute most powerful penis pump options, when you buy one of them, you’ll get a full set of accessories absolutely free, helping you get the very best experience with your Bathmate penis pump.

This hydropump was previously known as the Hydromax Xtreme X40.

Customer Reviews

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upgraded, totally worth it!

I've been using an older bathmate for a while and found that it was great for sustaining, but hadn't seen new growth for a while. I have already seen new increase in diameter, and look forward to length as well. The bulb is much easier to use than pushing the whole thing into my pubic bone! I just added the vibe as well. I look forward to using that as well!

Mild learning curve, results after two sessions

Mild learning curve adapting the instructions to my anatomy. I have only done two sessions, out of five, “correctly” and the difference in results is dramatic. Looking forward to writing another review after six months of exercise.

Mild learning curve, already gotten results

Mild learning curve adapting the instructions to my anatomy. I have only done two sessions, out of five, “correctly” and the difference in results is dramatic. I cannot wait to see what six months of exercise will do :)


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