How to use Hydromax

How to Use Hydromax

Using a Hydromax penis pump is easier than any other pump out there. But, if you're a beginner it can definitely look daunting and you may be confused about where to start and how to start building real gains. Here, we'll give you step-by-step instructions on how to use your Hydromax pump for the best results.

1. Firstly, you'll want to warm up by gently massaging the genital area to relax the skin.
2. For the Hydro and Hydromax series, ensure the valve is set to the closed position. Then, remove the comfort insert (optional) and fill the pump with as much water as possible, making sure it's warm and not hot and replace the comfort insert.
3. For the HydroXtreme ensure the valve is set to the open position and attach the handball to the hose. Then, attach the hose to the valve and remove the comfort insert (optional). Fill the pump with as much water as possible and replace the comfort insert.
4. Insert the flaccid penis into the Hydropump and press the pump against the body to create a comfortable seal while ensuring the testicles are below the seal.
5. For the Hydro and Hydromax models, pull the pump into the body to create a vacuum seal. Once the pump is sealed to the body, continue the pumping process until you are at a comfortable maximum pressure.
6. For the HydroXtreme pull the pump into the body to create a vacuum seal and squeeze the handball to create further suction and repeat this until you are at a comfortable maximum pressure.
7. Wait for up to 3 minutes for the Hydromax to do its magic.
8. To remove the pump, press down on the clear valve cap and hold it until the vacuum is released then safely remove the pump.
9. You'll then need to massage the penis by forming an 'ok' grip with either hand and gently slide the grip from the base of the penis along the shaft, stopping at the glans. Repeat this for a couple of minutes to allow the penis to relax and return to a flaccid state.
10. You can then repeat steps 2-7 twice more for the recommended daily use of 15 minutes.

How Often Should I Use Hydromax?

For the best possible results, we recommend using your Hydropump for 5 minutes at a time with 3 sessions in any 15-minute process. To benefit. the most in erection hardness and optimal blood flow, remove the device every 2-3 minutes and allow the penis to retract. Massage the penis while it's flaccid for 2 minutes and then reapply the device and repeat the process. However, it's important to remember to not use the Hydropump for more than 15 minutes in any 24-hour period.

Do I Have to Use Hydromax in the Shower?

While our Hydromax pumps can be used in air, they're predominantly designed for in-water usage, either in the shower or the bath depending on which you find more comfortable. While you will see an improvement by using our Hydropumps in the air, you'll see even more fantastic results by using the pump in water.

For more advice visit our Hydromax FAQ pages where you'll find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.


Money back


It can be difficult to know whether to believe everything that’s said about hydropumps. We think the best way to reassure you is to let you see the results for yourself. When you buy through this website, we offer a complete 60-day refund policy.

If you’re not satisfied by how your Bathmate hydropump performs (though we’re absolutely sure you will be), you can return it for a full refund, absolutely no questions asked. With users typically seeing great results after about a month of regular use, you’ll have more than enough time to see the real effects of our penis pumps.





This offer is only valid on pumps purchased through this site ( 60-day period is applicable from the date of purchase, provided on the order confirmation. If you claim a refund for your first 60 days and later decide you want to re-purchase, this offer will no longer be available. This is necessary to avoid abuse of the offer.


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