HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy

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HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy - For Unbeatable Pressure and Performance

For those of you with a girth over 6.5 inches and a length of 7 inches or less, this all-new Bathmate option gives you the absolute best results. The latest, most powerful hydropump option, the HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is all about maximising your gains.

Coming from our ultra-powerful HydroXtreme series, this pump is built for convenience and results. Once you’ve filled your pump with warm water and attached to your body, there’s no need to pump - just squeeze the attached handball unit and you’ll start building up pressure in the pump. This makes it easy to maximise the pressure in your HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy, giving you unmatched gains.

The HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy is the second in our Wide Boy range, both designed to support particularly girthy users. With this pump letting you easily maximise pressure, it’s a great choice for experienced users, though it’s also suitable for first time penis pump exercisers - we recommend starting off without using the handball.


Bathmate is the world’s number one brand for penis pumps, with over 1 million units sold worldwide. Our pumps create real, lasting results for users - take a look at our Bathmate Reviews section for a look at some of these results!

Our HydroXtreme series is all about high-powered performance, giving our users completely unmatched results. As our most advanced product, we’re including a completely free Bathmate accessories kit when you buy any HydroXtreme pump - take a look below for details.

Customer Reviews

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Paul H. (United States)
Hydromax7 wideboy

The wide boy is just what I needed. I ordered the plain hydromax 7. It was too small for me though I used the size calculator. Then I went to the wide boy. Perfect! I now have plenty of room to expand my girth. Follow the instructions! The first part of the session seems to help in length. Then massage for about two minutes. Complete the second part of the session. That helps in the girth-thats what it's doing for me anyway.
If you've been using pumps for a while and the calculator doesn't recommend the wideboy u might consider getting that instead of the "normal" pump. My girth is so much larger under vacuum than during an erection, possibly from already using a pump. If that your situation consider the wide boy! Great pump!!!

Justin R. (United States)
Best Pump Ever!

I’ve been using pump for years and this is such a quality pump that fits me better then the Extreme 7 since I’m girthy.

Duane H. (United States)

Works great...


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