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HydroXtreme3 - Ultimate Gains for Micropenises

If you're affected by micropenis, you've just found the single most effective way to increase your size. HydroXtreme3 delivers the legal maximum of vacuum power, making your erections harder than ever, while building up real gains over time. 

Using a convenient handball, HydroXtreme3 is easy to use, and means real results, with our 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Perfect for anyone measuring up to 3 inches when erect, HydroXtreme3 is the world's second micropenis pump, along our original Hydromax3 model.

Built using tested scientific principles, HydroXtreme3 means improved sexual power, better sex and far more personal confidence. You don't have to believe us - see the results for yourself, and we guarantee complete satisfaction.

HydroXtreme - The Ultimate Hydropump

Our HydroXtreme series is all about giving you maximum results and performance. The pump design lets you easily create the maximum level of pressure legally considered safe, so there’s no risk of injury - just real, lasting results.

With our HydroXtreme range making it easy to maximise pressure, it’s most suitable for those who’ve previously used a hydropump, though they also deliver great gains for starting users - we recommend starting out with a moderate amount of pressure.

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (United States)
I have been using the HydroXtreme3 for 9 months now

About myself, I am a 5 10 200 lbs guy. I have a penis that is about 3 inches when erect. I had an iny when flaccid most of the time.

HydroXtreme3 is a good quality pump in my 9 months experience with it I try to use it a few times a week. It has held up good and is still like new. I haven’t had any issues with the quality.

What has my result been? Well I have not seen any noticeable gains in my length or girth. Besides for directly after using. I am noticeably thicker, but it wears off in a few hours.

The main difference is that my iny has become more of an outie. Though my erect size has not changed. My flaccid size is noticeably bigger. I still have the iny problem if I don’t use the pump on a regular basis. But two to three times a week keeps my flaccid size not much different than my erect size. Which is a I win for me.

michael g. (United States)
Wet my willie

A great option for anyone that doesn't want to go the pill route to put a little extra lead in the pencil

Johnny S. (United States)

Excellent pump. The best brand.


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