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The world's best-selling penis pump, Hydromax7 means real results - guaranteed. Improving power, erection quality and confidence, Hydromax7 is perfect if you measure between 5 and 7 inches. Get ready to make a difference with our 60 day satisfaction guarantee! 

An incredible 92%* of users report real results with our Hydromax series, with many amazed by their gains. With a regular Bathmate Hydromax routine, expect visible, lasting results within a month. 35% more powerful than our original hydropumps, Hydromax7 has helped over 1 million worldwide. Get ready to experience real gains.

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With the Hydromax7 penis pump suiting users measuring between 5 and 7 inches when erect, it’s our absolute best-selling pump, helping you build up the gains required to stand out from any crowd. If you’re looking for a more gentle starter pump, try out our Hydro7 - or maximise your performance with the ultra-powerful HydroXtreme7.

Our Hydromax series is the best-selling kind of penis pump in the world. Built as an upgrade for our original hydropump, this range adds a huge amount of power, while also adding a few great options for convenience, making it far easier to use your penis pump.

We’re completely confident that you’ll be satisfied when you use Hydromax7. As such, we offer all purchasers a complete 60-day, no-questions-asked returns policy. If you’re not impressed with the results you see with Hydromax, you’ll be able to get a full refund - a completely unique offer only available through official Bathmate channels.

Customer Reviews

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Diago A. (United States)

great product. excited about future results.

Big J. (United States)

Works amazingly

Mark G. (United States)
awesome experience! getting fatter every time!

Had the Radical Prostatectomy in 2011 at age 50 the old way! I thought my erection days were over. I also took Psychoactive drugs for 30 years for bipolar disorder one, we knew it caused ED. Then, I got older and after some kidney and thyroid damage, I decided to take the holistic approach to survival and quite the harsh nut hut prescriptions and the ED pills are bad for me; they cause super bad headaches. What a change it made to get off the Zombie drugs. Woody came back and this bath mate gadget is making him so fat. I learned to take many things into account when having ED problems. Your weight, age, medication regime, and etc. all may contribute to the problem. The surgeon who performed the surgery did not leave me lame and impotent. Nothing is more enjoyable when you start getting older than a big fat c@ck?? It's not over until the fat lady sings. Satisfied bathmate customer! Now I can find out how many of these devices I can wear out in the tub. I'm not a doctor, so do not change anything until you have consulted with your physician!! In my case, I am a man and made my own decision and it has paid off well, but I went through many years of disappointment. Doctors get paid for their medical advise and opinion. I didn't always get the best advise from the doctors. Can be very tricky!


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