Bathmate Pump Holder

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Designed to keep your pump in top condition, the Pump Holder also keeps your pump at arms-reach and ready for action. It attaches to a smooth surface easily with a simple twist of the lock and will hold our Bathmate pumps (even full of water) safely up on the wall. Pop your pump back on the holder between pumping sessions to let it completely drain of water. Draining the water out of the pump helps to keep the valve clean and hygienic. Not a private bathroom? A quick twist of the lock and the holder will remove from the wall mark-free to stay completely discreet. Be safe in the knowledge that the holder can comfortably hold up to 4kg.

The Bathmate Pump Holder was designed with convenience in mind, keeping your pump in grabbing reach and not under your feet! A simple twist of the lock against a smooth surface and the holder will effortlessly attach without the need for drill - thankfully it won’t leave marks on walls when discretion is key either. Of course we always recommend to keep your pumps as hygienic as possible, so by storing your pump on the holder between sessions it lets any leftover water drain through with ease. Tested up to hold up to 4kg comfortably it will even hold the Bathmate pump when full of water.

Customer Reviews

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Bill C. (Canada)
Very convenient

Since most tubs or showers don't have shelves big enough for the Bathmate this is very convenient to keep it within reach. It would even be better if it could also hold the hand ball and tube.

Luigi G.

Bathmate Pump Holder

charles G. (Canada)
beautiful and happy

I enjoy all I bought from BATHMATE.This is a new discovery for me .Thank you.


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