Power Rings

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If you’re looking for an effective, long-lasting and easy to use cock ring option, there’s no better choice than Bathmate Power Rings. All built from a durable yet flexible material, Elastomex, these rings enhance your erection for even better sex, and can be used for a powerful upgrade to your penis pump routine. We offer three Power Ring Designs, each catering to a different taste:

Gladiator: With three internal nubs, the Gladiator Power Ring lets you adjust the pressure on different parts of your penis, letting you customise your cock ring experience.

Barbarian: With a totally smooth circular design, Bathmate Barbarian is an excellent choice if you’re starting out with your cock ring for the first time.

Spartan: The octagonal design of the Bathmate Spartan gives you the tightest fit out of any of our Power Rings, giving you unmatched erection hardness and durability.

Along with our Bathmate Power Rings, we offer some even more impressive cock ring options to really enhance your sexual pleasure - click through to take a look at our unique Bathmate Rhythm Ring range, exclusively available in the Bathmate Pleasure collection.



Customer Reviews

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Virgil B. (United States)

Fast delivery and the product pulls and stretches we will see what kind of a result with continued use

Sergio S.H.B. (Mexico)

Each one has its potential I have loved the truth, the firmness that you choose and also combining with a training gives you strength.

Patrick R. (United States)
Power Ring could be better

I wish there was a way that this can be integrated with the HydroMax pumps. There are rings specifically designed to go around the base of a penis pump so that way putting the ring on while taking the pump off is virtually seamless. That is not the case with this power ring


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