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Money back


It can be difficult to know whether to believe everything that’s said about hydropumps. We think the best way to reassure you is to let you see the results for yourself. When you buy through this website (or our Bathmate Direct store), we offer a complete 60-day refund policy.

If you’re not satisfied by how your Bathmate hydropump performs (though we’re absolutely sure you will be), you can return it for a full refund, absolutely no questions asked. With users typically seeing great results after about a month of regular use, you’ll have more than enough time to see the real effects of our penis pumps.





This offer is only valid on pumps purchased through this site (www.officialhydromaxpump.com). If you claim a refund for your first 60 days and later decide you want to re-purchase, this offer will no longer be available. This is necessary to avoid abuse of the offer.


If you're serious about sexual health and are willing to put the effort in, the new Hydromax is the ultimate tool to help you achieve your goals.


The safety of our customers is extremely important to us. All of our hydropumps are manufactured from specially selected phthalate free, skin-safe and medical grade materials, and each of our hydropump ranges has undergone a custom designed dermatological testing study from Aspen Clinical Research, a world-renowned specialist clinic. With our hydropumps all clinically proven safe for use on the genital area, you can be sure that real Bathmate penis pumps are completely safe to use. Our Hydromax accessories have separately been tested and certified safe to use.

Money back


There are over 1 million satisfied Bathmate users around the world, with a lot of people seeing real results from their training routines. Here’s what a few of our happy customers had to say - head over to the Hydropump videos page to take a look at the results for yourself:


"After 10-15 minutes it was definite that this new unit was worth the bucks. Just as I thought, you can put the base ring over your penis and pull and stretch it to make sure it's seated on you properly before attaching the pump (filled with water). I've had no problems with the valve, you just gotta make sure you know how to work it, and it really is a simple principle."



"Hey, thought I would give some input on my experience with the bathmate. I have had my bathmate for 4 months now (I use it 2-4 times a week ). I feel like I have gained size. The biggest thing I find from it is my endurance or stamina has increased dramatically. Also my erections are rock hard."



"I’ve been using the bathmate for about 3 months, and I feel absolutely amazing! I feel like I've gained size as well. I can’t say I’ve heard a bad review on this, everybody is seeing fantastic results… If you use the bathmate properly, on a regular schedule, and don’t go overboard, you will see fantastic results."


Product Reviews

Based on 531 reviews
Quite Impressed

I have only been using the HydroXtreme for a week and am thoroughly impressed with it so far. I can get a good pump and using the pressure bulb I can adjust it perfectly. I have not used a pump previously and couldn't imagine using a model that does not have the bulb. The pump makes my flaccid size much thicker and it doesn't retract nearly as much as normally. This effect lasts all day which is great. I hope the gains continue.

Good viberations

These vibrating bullets Are pretty strong and they both vibrate the pubic bone and the whole penis shaft. I like to click them both on two times and then hit one 4 more times. The only downfall I can think of is the battery, doesn’t last that long coma if you follow best mates suggestion on wearing bathmate, the battery will last you Two days and kind of die on the third.

Easier than it looks!

I was hesitant to use it at first but it’s actually easier to operate than it looks! I’m recovering from surgery and my doctor recommended this. So far, really satisfied.

A great idea

I wasn’t sure what to make of it before I bought it though I wasn’t sure how it was going to help but it seemed like a practical idea. When it arrived and I tried it, it made a lot of sense and it made it easier to move around and have my shower whilst the bath mate did it’s thing

Max Out

At first, I didn't believe it. I believe now.

Right out of the box

I couldn’t wait to get home from work. UPS sent me a text that my package had arrived so I hurried home. I had seen the videos so I knew how the HydroXtreme7 worked. It hurt a little at first but, doesn’t everything? Two weeks later I can see results. I’m getting to be more of a shower than a grower. Can’t wait to see what the next six weeks bring.


Love it

How goes it !

Amazing ! This pump is so easy to use. I can already see some results. I'm glad I bought this pump !!!

An interesting accessory

The vibrators are amazingly strong with multiple settings and patterns and they're watertight. There's reportedly some benefit to vibration therapy so it should provide some positive results, the rubber mount is well built also.


So far so good I love the pump it gives me I’m excited to see how far it’ll make me grow. Happy to be a part of the bath mate club


Apparently it works. I noticed a difference day after day. I don’t measure but I can tell during the pumping that my penis grew in length and width following the marks on the pump. I’m not sure thou if the gain will be permanent or not. Hopefully yes.

So awesome!

Cant wait to one day fill a HydrOhExtreme13!!! I Started at 7.5x5 and jeez does it not only feel good but the outcome is like owning a Ferrari on steroids. Kudos Bathmate!!! Currently 9x6 steel hardened, bone crushing sledgehammer and growing!!! Eat right, work out and stretch with care.

Routine- pump pump pump, 3 good pumps....
And 2 a days at 2x15 a piece with minor stretching/massaging after each is key. Wife loves it! Plus, it’s about having good motion with the Cruise Ship. No UFC- Ground and pound. Slow and smooth with a bit of throttle in there.💪🏻👍🏻💪🏻👍🏻

Max Out
The pump

Yea, this pump is great! Heavy duty and not like a cheaper one! Quality!! It even works great using vacuum alone as I temporarily am not using water! Great product! Thank you Bathmate! Rlowe Usa

Do your research

They say always read before using anything BUT ive dug deep on these things since 2009 and never seen anything bad or that gains wasn't possible SO I finally pulled the trigger once the ol lady was comfortable with me trying one. So i used as their papers say BUT I found a beginner pump chart that made it even that much better ita been 14 days and we notice a difference FOR SURE totally worth your time and money to invest in one if your on the fence dont be grab one and I also recommend getting the shower strap Its weird showering one handed and switching hands lol

Overall Awesome Product

No doubt the is a quality product, design and material. Only thing I will complain about is the connection of the vacuum hose at the pump and at the vacuum ball. It falls off extremely to easy! Also I think it would be a suggestion to make the pad insert in different sizes according to girth of every individual?
But without a doubt the is hands down the best product available!!

upgraded, totally worth it!

I've been using an older bathmate for a while and found that it was great for sustaining, but hadn't seen new growth for a while. I have already seen new increase in diameter, and look forward to length as well. The bulb is much easier to use than pushing the whole thing into my pubic bone! I just added the vibe as well. I look forward to using that as well!


At first I was skeptical about paying so much for a pump, but boy was I wrong, I will stay the first day I used it, it hurt like a bitch and I couldn’t figure out how to release the air, but that was my error, after that everything went smoothly, I can already feel my erections are harder, faster. So far everything is working perfectly! I’ll send in another review in a couple more weeks!

Best product ever!

Complements the bathmate nicely. The vibrations feel very good and it is a great edition to your routine!

Mild learning curve, results after two sessions

Mild learning curve adapting the instructions to my anatomy. I have only done two sessions, out of five, “correctly” and the difference in results is dramatic. Looking forward to writing another review after six months of exercise.

Mild learning curve, already gotten results

Mild learning curve adapting the instructions to my anatomy. I have only done two sessions, out of five, “correctly” and the difference in results is dramatic. I cannot wait to see what six months of exercise will do :)

Hydromax 7

Best pump I've owned the original Hercules and it worked bit this newer model is something else ..thanks

First time user

Great product,love it.Will get much use

Amazing product !!

Still only have been using it for a week but already have the feeling that the future is looking good. Thank you
warmest regards


Well made product.
Easy to use and good instructions included.


Great product, with great results and gains.


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